Stress Hormone Testing

Due to current lifestyles increasingly involving professional and personal stress, cortisol levels are often not within the normal range. In addition, various medical conditions and medication can lead to deviations in cortisol levels. Most of the cortisol in the blood is bound. Around 1-3% is in non-bound form. It is only this free cortisol which is the active form. It is emitted into the saliva, where it can be measured. Because cortisol values change due to stress, sampling saliva at home represents the least stressful way of obtaining this measurement.
Cortisol is particularly important for the body, as is shown by the fact that a breakdown in cortisol secretion can be life threatening. Cortisol is formed in the adrenal cortex and has a wide-ranging effect on the body. In the case of metabolism, it has a particularly significant effect on carbohydrate balance, fat metabolism and protein utilisation. It also has inflammation-reducing and immunosuppressive (insulating) effects.

Through our partnership with Cerascreen we can offer Stress Hormone (Cortisol) Testing at a cost of £79.00

Depending on the outcome of the test, we will suggest the appropriate next steps…